Top Programming Languages to Know in 2017

Abhijit Panda
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Technology is changing very rapidly; we get to know about a new advancement every now and then. In such a scenario, it is vital for developers to know which programming languages will be most sought after in the times to come. This will help them deal effectively with future challenges. Below is a list of top programming languages that are considered of great value for 2017.


C is called the grandfather of new languages and rightly so. It is a programming language that was developed in the 1970’s. It has influenced many latest languages like Python, Java, and C++. It has been widely used till date and is also expected to play a vital role in the coming years. The programmers who know C can easily learn other languages like PHP, C++, and Objective C. It is a powerful language that enables you to have total control on the software. C is the base of almost all widely used operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and OSX.


It is an open source computer programming language that is used to develop software for smart TVs and smartphones besides computers. It has been in use since 1990 for developing applications for small and big businesses alike. It is considered to be the best language for developing Android Applications. Some of the popular Android applications like Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run, and Angry Birds have been developed using Java. Applications written in Java language are used in different government agencies, airlines, and other enterprises.


C++ language is similar to C but is equipped with more features. It is used for the development of high level video game engines and accounting software. It is popularly used for developing financial trading algorithms, computer graphics drivers, and web browsers. C++ facilitates the programmers to do tasks that can be somewhat difficult and time consuming with C. Programmers have succeeded in developing video games and animations with C++ like Fifa, Halo, Call of Duty, DreamWorks, Disney, and Pixar.


It was 2006, when Google’s programming language Go came into the limelight. It is considered that the coming year will be a great time for this language as it will be heavily used. This is because the language focuses on efficiency, high performance, and simplicity, and comes with in-built support. The learning curve of the language is also simple. It seems that it will pose as a big rival for the languages like Node and Rube because startups have been giving preference to this language over the last year.


JavaScript, earlier known as ECMAScript, is a web development language whose popularity is increasing year on year. It is supported by a big open source community and it is also easy to learn. This language can be used as a server side language and supports all browsers. It is useful for making a website interactive and adding animation. JavaScript also helps in controlling the web interface well. Over the years, a lot of JavaScript Frameworks have evolved and some of them are immensely popular with web developers like Node.js , AngularJS, BackBoneJS etc to name a few.


This language came into existence in 1990’s. It can be read easily which makes it a general purpose language that beginners can learn easily. It has a small learning curve but it is efficient enough for 3D rendering, web development, and scientific computing. The language is good for people who want to quickly learn programming. That’s why, Python is very popular among beginners. Python plays a vital role when you want to create products like Reddit and YouTube.


Hack is the programming language that Facebook uses for the Hiphop Virtual Machine. It first appeared on the development scene in 2014. It is a programming language and a dialect of PHP that contributes to writing 90 percent of Facebook’s codes. It is the biggest achievement for a 2-year-old language that it is heavily contributing in coding a very popular website that deals with so many things like gaming, shopping, and messaging etc. So, it is expected that in coming year, it’s going to be a very popular language.


Perl is also similar to Python; both the languages are considered to be big rivals of each other. Perl is popular for a powerful system scripting. A good programmer can use it for writing any sort of program. It is fast and easy so programmers enjoy working on it.

Languages like PHP, Ruby, SQL, Objective C, D, and Rust are some other languages that are also expected to be in demand in 2017. So learning these languages will definitely be very useful for programmers.



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